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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services for your Business

Trust Your Keys To Jani‑King

We work hard to earn and keep your trust, so that no customer has a bad experience

Jani-King doesn't just keep your business clean; We're part of your business team, and it's why so many customers place their trust in us. Jani-King has been in business since 1969. We have customers of all types and sizes around the world. So what is it that sets Jani-King apart from others? It's the expertise, personal service, and dedication of franchise owners.

We're business owners. We've dedicated ourselves to providing quality cleaning services so that we keep you as a customer. And we build relationships that foster solutions to any cleaning request.

We're experts in total facility cleaning. We use the right chemicals for the right amount of time on the right surfaces. We know how to clean effectively and efficiently to reduce your costs.

Finding a long-term cleaning partner can be a challenge, but what's always kept Jani-King at the top is our people: business owners, who are skilled and educated. For us, cleaning your facility is about earning your trust through our actions, keeping your business by delivering results, and ultimately providing an environment for us both to be successful.

Industries We Serve

Office Buildings

A clean and healthy office or building environment fosters employee morale and productivity.

Retail Buildings

Boost shopper confidence and staff productivity with a spotlessly maintained retail environment.


Enhance guest satisfaction and staff performance in your hospitality business with our exceptional cleaning services.

Manufacturing Facilities

Improve safety and operational productivity with our specialized cleaning services for manufacturing facilities.

Places of Worship

Support a welcoming and serene atmosphere for reflection and community with our thorough cleaning services for places of worship.

Healthcare Facilities

A sterile healthcare environment is vital for patient safety and staff efficiency.


Elevate guest experience and enhance operational efficiency with our premium cleaning services.

Educational Facilites

Promote a healthy, safe, and productive learning environment with our dedicated cleaning services for educational facilities.

Government Facilites

Maintain decorum and productivity in government spaces with our discreet and efficient cleaning services.

Financial Buildings

Secure client trust and staff efficiency with a meticulously maintained financial building.


Ensure top-notch hygiene and boost kitchen staff productivity with our specialized restaurant cleaning services.

Auto Dealerships

Enhance vehicle presentation and staff productivity with our cleaning services for auto dealerships.

Fitness Centers

Support health and fitness goals with a clean and safe environment.

Entertainment Venues

Keep your entertainment venues clean and functional to enhance visitor experiences and staff performance.

Museums & Arts

Preserve the integrity and beauty of your exhibits with our detailed cleaning services.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:


Daily Cleaning Services


Weekly Cleaning Services


Monthly Cleaning Services

Our Proud Partnerships & Clients


What our customers are saying

I’m thrilled with how the carpet turned out! Thank you so much. The whole office has commented on a job well done!

Taylor Vermillion
Southern California PGA

We are confident that Jani‑King is the right company to keep our facilities clean.

Stephen Jones
Dallas Cowboys

It’s important that we look and feel professional.

Chad Murphy
Executive Director of USBC

Our regular nighttime Jani-King crew does such a great job, we’ve gone back to them for a summer deep clean that’s underway now in phases. They’re doing a fantastic job and I don’t have to worry or micromanage – freeing me up to focus on my other responsibilities. And the impact of a clean school can be felt by students, staff and faculty. When it smells clean and you walk into a clean area, the attitude of everyone is better. You’re motivated and want to start your day.

Tim Murray, Parish and School Facilities Director

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School (K-8)

Our Jani-King team has been with us for 6 months and they keep the school the way we would like it to be kept – and that is immaculate. Meticulous in what they do, we can always count on them to keep our high school campus pristine, and that is absolutely necessary for our learning environment.

Robin Sweet, CEO

Gateway Academy


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